America’s 10 Best Natural Swimming Pools
Redfish Lake

Escape Summer Heat and Cool off in America’s 10 Best Natural Swimming Pools

No matter how long you stay within the air-conditioned cubicle, there will be a time when you will desperately want to escape the sweltering summer heat and cool off in the water.

The best thing about being an American resident or a traveler visiting the USA in the summer is that the country is dotted with an array of water bodies that promise nothing less than heavenly bliss. America’s best natural swimming pools will lure you to spend days splashing the water while relishing the breathtaking natural splendor.

The natural swimming pools, also known as swimming holes, reside within state parks and national parks of the country.

However, visitors must follow the guidelines imposed by the forest authority regarding what items to carry, when to enter, and other safety measures.

America’s Best Natural Swimming Pools

From cascading waterfalls to the stunning dense forests, the natural swimming holes in the USA will leave no stone unturned to surprise you. You will love to take a dip into the crystal-clear waters. Your friends will spend some quality time in the geothermal pools.

  1. Firehole River Swimming Area:

Fed by thermal activity, the Firehole River Swimming Area in Yellowstone National Park is one of the most sought-after natural swimming pools in the USA. While splashing the water and cooling off, you might get tempted with the nearby cliff jumping facility. Don’t go for it. Cliff jumping in this area is forbidden.

  1. Havasu Falls:

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Havasu Falls is second to none for its excellent conditions for swimming. The natural ambiance that pervades the area will put you in ‘awe’. Reaching the area is not that easy. Visitors have to hike down a 10-mile steep.

  1. Diana’s Baths:

Accessing Diana’s Baths is easy for families. It only takes a short hike. The series of cascades and small pools put up a fantastic show.

  1. Barton Springs Pool:

In Texas, you are going to get everything “bigger and better”. Barton Springs Pool is a year-round swimming hole nicely tucked away in Ziker Park. The springs here maintain an average temperature of up to 70 Degrees. For decades, sun-seekers and swimmers flock in large numbers.

  1. Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park:

The beautiful park is rightly named – shut-ins – for its majestic feature comprised of dolomite bedrock, pink granite, and blueish-gray rhyolite. Book Missouri vacation rentals in advance to earn great discounts and enjoy your trip with the family.

  1. Redfish Lake:

Once you are right in the middle of the lake, you wouldn’t want to come out of it. The indulgence is pretty decadent. The natural surrounding is further graced by the bird population comprised of an array of songbirds, tuneful warblers, and peregrine falcons. The water is pristine.

  1. Blue Hole:

The hole got its name from the sapphire-blue waters. The temperature is quite alluring too. It hosts a constant temperature of 62 Degrees. Cliff jumpers and divers throng in big numbers. The hole is open all year-round.

  1. Hamilton Pool:

Several thousand years ago, a limestone dome collapsed over an underground river that ultimately formed this breathtaking natural pool – Hamilton Pool. The natural surrounding will soothe your inner soul. Swim and splash the water with your buddies and come back to your Texas vacation rental by the owner to spend a comfortable night. The best part is that the vacation rental abode has all the modern amenities to make you feel at home.

  1. Chena Hot Springs:

Maybe you are traveling during winter. Would you mind taking a hot dip at the Chena Hot Springs in Fairbanks? This is one of the most sought-after places to enjoy a hot bath in Alaska. All year-round, it experiences an average temperature of up to 106 Degrees. For outdoor lovers, particularly those who wish to cherish the gorgeous views of the Northern Lights, they will be mesmerized to see the incredible setting. Romantic lovers will have a whale of a time. Maybe, you will be intrigued by the Aurora Ice Museum, which is located close to the hot spring. The museum claims to host more than 1,000 tons of ice and snow.

  1. Homestead Caldera:

Another gorgeous place to chill and hang out with friends and family is the Homestead Caldera sinkhole. But the catch is that this is a mineral-rich pool. Not only do you get to enjoy a hot bath, but also you will be benefitted from the richness of the water.

Where are you heading to? Each of the natural pool has its uniqueness – be it is the richness of the water or the breathtaking setting.


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