Action-Packed Vacation in the USA

Action-Packed Vacation – 30 Activities to Try in the USA with Your BFF

Instead of sweating in the sun, you are sweating over spreadsheets; instead of taking pleasure from hiking the mountains to catch the sunset by six, you are worried about making it out of the office by six; instead of indulging in talks to countless new people about new destinations, you are sending out countless emails at your desk; instead of swimming in emerald blue seas, you are drowning in floods of emails – you are missing out on a big chunk of fun and entertainment.

From the cliff-lined Californian beaches to the jagged mountains of Colorado and from the roaring rivers of New Hampshire to the unadulterated natural beauty of Hawaii, the United States is chock full of mountains, forests, beaches, and glaciers that promise to be an ultimate adventure playground. If you are an adventure-type person accompanied by your best buddy and are looking for an action-packed vacation in the US, we bring you 30 activities to try in the country with your BFF.

The United States has all the adventure ingredients to be your next adventure travel hotspot.

Adventure, Action-Packed Vacation in the US with Best Friend

What does a vacation mean to you – chilling out on the beach, hitting up the buffet, or lying by the pool relaxing? If you want more from it and don’t just want to follow what others usually prefer to do, this blog is for you.

Crafted by the industry experts and travelers, it will keep inspiring you for an adventure-filled trip so that you can cherish every bit of it.

The steaming hot springs, canyons, and serpentine slopes of dense mahogany forests – all make for endless entertainment. Escape the daily grinds and embark on an adrenaline-pumping vacation with your loved ones and make the most of your trip. Go on and read the best places in America for a lifetime action-packed vacation.

Best Activities and Places in the USA to Give You Adrenaline Rush

  1. Dive into Gigantic Waterfalls in Yosemite National Park: One of the country’s crown of national parks, Yosemite National Park in California is gorgeously flourished with cascading waterfalls tempting travelers for a cool bath. Within the boundary of this beautiful national park are found well-recognized for its pure, unadulterated natural beauty. The prime attractions of the park are the gigantic cascading waterfalls. Dare to jump?
  2. The Formidable Kalalau Hike in Kauai: If your best pal is totally into hiking, fetch him the best hiking experience in Kauai, Hawaii. Although Kauai is in the mind of every Instagrammer, it ascertains not to disappoint the activity lovers. The formidable Kalalau Hike is everyone’s favorite. Stretched for 22 miles to the Waimea Canyon lookout point, it offers hiking opportunities that fit in hikers of all kinds. Besides, the Koloa Zipline has something for all thrill-seekers. If you love speed, it will take you racing at high speeds while rendering unobtrusive views. Kauai Island magnificently boasts postcard-perfect beaches, lush jungles, and endless sunshine. Find the best Hawaii vacation rentals from Search Home Rentals, stay at your comfort, and explore the island at your complete convenience.
  3. Hot Springs and Hiking Trails in Yellowstone: Boiling River and Firehole River are the two striking places worth visiting for taking a dip. Yellowstone National Park has got numerous things for travelers to get indulged in. If you are visiting the national park, you are going to hike. This is a no-brainer. Plenty of spellbinding views of the hills, creeks, and plains will soothe your eyes.
  4. The Insanely Expansive Grand Canyon: Pictures won’t do justice, you have to come by yourself to appreciate the magnificently expansive Grand Canyon. A global icon, the Grand Canyon is just the most ideal vacation hotspot for adventure enthusiasts and for anyone who wants to feel like a tiny speck while relishing the outstanding views of the orange Canyon baking under the Arizona sun. Want to hike? You will run short of time. The Grand Canyon offers a spectacular range of hiking routes.
  5. Go Camping in Acadia National Park: Primarily on Maine’s Mount Desert Island, Acadia National Park boasts a massive 47,000-acre Atlantic coast recreation area and is comprised of landscapes marked by glacier-scoured granite peaks (Cadillac Mountain), rocky beaches, and woodland. The national park is a suitable spot to go wildlife watching. Some of the widely spotted wildlife in the park are whales, moose, bear, and seabirds. What’s more striking here is camping. If you are staying at USA vacation rentals, ask the owner to arrange your camping gear. You may like to spend a few nights within the boundaries of the park.
  6. Asheville – The Walking Paradise: Another stand-out destination to consider with your best friend forever in the USA is Asheville. This adventure destination is often underrated. Dotted with great outdoors, Asheville ensures its visitors have plenty of things to get engaged. The Black Balsam Knob is known for its amazing walking opportunities and awe-inspiring views of the Blue Ridge Mountains (southern). Not sure how peaceful nature can be? Take this trial and be blessed with vistas comprising of a thick blanket of green spreads across the landscape.
  7. Go Tubing on the Deschutes River in Bend: Bend in Oregon is a fabulous place to be with your best mate. And if you love tubing, what better place to be than on the Deschutes River. Locals swarm in large numbers just to enjoy an inflatable donut while taking to the water. Tube through the water, the river takes you past rocky slopes and trees flanking the riverbanks.
  8. Changing Seasons in Ohio Make it a Year-round Adventure Destination: Whether you are seeking hiking options or camping or zip-lining in Ohio, the state offers a full menu of adventures. Ziplining is pretty exhilarating. The best places for ziplining in Ohio are the Hocking Hills region, the Zipline Safari at the Wilds, etc.
  9. Ice Climbing at Hyalite Canyon: Another activity to partake in the beautiful country of the United States is ice climbing at the Hyalite Canyon. This is going to bring you some stunning experiences. Get a perfect Instagram shot while ice climbing with your best friend. The Mummy I and II are the most popular ones amongst novice players. These walls are known for their low difficulty level. If you are traveling during winter, you will surely fall for the gorgeous views. Summer months are spectacular, too. You get to soak up the green landscape, mostly tree-speckled.
  10. Kiteboarding in Hawaii’s Maui: If you happen to be in Maui’s north shore, you will be bequeathed a myriad of kiteboard choices. If you want to look like a badass, go kiteboarding. If you are a novice and have no idea, you can always take lessons. Maui has several kiteboarding training centers or schools to teach you all the techniques required to hold on to the giant sail. Kite Beach should be the most ideal place for kiteboarding.
  11. Boulder Has More to Offer than Narcotics: Boulder in Colorado sits majestically in the Valley between the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains and is resplendent with natural beauty. Although Boulder was in the news when marijuana got legalized, which was believed to have intrigued foreigners, it promised plenty of other amazing stuff for them. If you happen to be in this beautiful place, be assured to get rewarded with verdant, open plains and stunning mountainous backdrops.
  12. Trek the Largest National Park in the USA: Covering a gigantic area of more than 8 million acres, the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park claims to be the largest in the country. Trekking is the most popular thing to do in the park. While doing so, you may not find another person. So, it is better to be accompanied by friends. A glistening white expanse, the Wrangell-St. Elias Park is not well-known for well-trodden trails.
  13. Ski Vacation in Telluride: This lovely ski destination is admirably one of the best in the country. It doesn’t matter whether you are an expert or a beginner, Telluride has got you covered with its amazing ski trials. Stay at USA chalet rentals to get rewarded with the freshest untouched snow. You can get to snowboard, too. The terrain parks are power-packed with jumps, ramps, and bars to slide along.
  14. Paddle-boarding at Jackson Hole: Sprawling grassy plains rolling out like a green carpet, snow-capped mountains plunging into the sky, and casting super-dramatic shadows over the land – Jackson Hole is here to fetch you everything. Paddle-boarding lures many as Jackson Hole flaunts numerous bodies of water ideal for this activity.
  15. Hand-gliding in Chattanooga: Glide through the clouds in the morning, explore Ruby Falls in the afternoon, and tuck into gourmet fare in the evening, Chattanooga will make your day just awesome. If visiting in the summer, you are in absolute luck as you will be treated verdant greenery. This is such a lovely place to travel to for the ultimate amalgamation of adventure, fun, nature, and city life.
  16. Mountain Biking in Moab: Blessed with five of Utah’s majestic national parks, loaded with cycling and hiking trails, Moab is certainly the best place to be if you are looking for some outdoor action. A labyrinth of valleys and canyons, Moab is the most sought-after place for an adventure vacation with friends. Mountain biking is widely sought-after. The Whole Enchilada has got challenging trails that promise to give you a perfect adrenaline rush. You may like to try out Dead Horse Point if you are a beginner or an intermediate.
  17. Paddle along the Missouri River: Imagine floating through the remotest parts of the United States, taking in the picturesque natural scenery, and enjoying miles of nothing but silence – you are going to get them all as you paddle along the Missouri River in Montana. It is the longest river in North America and offers some of the virtually unparalleled views. Build up more power to go paddling as there are more than 300 miles of river that you can paddle. Every moment here will be special. You will never have a moment to get bored – one day, you are in the shadows of verdant woodlands, and the next, you will be spending some quiet time in the savannah-like plains.
  18. White-Water Rafting at the White Mountains: If you are not a mountain lover, the White Mountains will change your perception. Don’t go by its name. The White Mountains are dotted with varied hues – summer is aesthetically appealing, spring paints the landscape with glossy green, and in fall, it is set ablaze with red and orange as the leaves change color. Since you are looking for some activities, we suggest you try out white-water rafting. The Kennebec, Magalloway, Androscoggin Rivers are known for rapids suitable for hardcore class IV to moderate class II. If white-water rafting is not your cup of tea, hiking through the mountains is another popular outdoor activity to do. Hit the slopes and forget about almost everything!
  19. Rock Climbing in Anchorage: When you are looking for the best adventure vacations in the USA, Anchorage, Alaska’s most sophisticated city, would opt for a mention. The craggy cliffs of Chugach State Park strike the attention of expert snowshoers, cross-country skiers, rock climbers, hikers, etc. If you belong to the wildlife watchers or fishermen category, you are not going to be disappointed. However, rock climbers will have a great time as they will have plenty of options. If you are a fan of the Northern Lights, ensure you book a perfect Alaska cabin rental with state-of-the-art amenities. Browse Search Home Rentals for the best deals.
  20. Snowshoeing in Adirondacks: For outdoor activity aficionados, Adirondacks can prove to be a fantastic place. From appreciating beautiful scenery to indulging in some sport, Adirondacks will not disappoint you. Snowshoeing is quite a pastime for locals. Since you are traveling to the Adirondacks, we suggest you book a perfect place to stay with your friends and family to enjoy the vacation. Stunning snowshoe trials will help you experience the peaceful solitude of this gorgeous place blanketed in snow. Some of the best snowshoe trails in the Adirondacks region are Cascade Cross Country Ski Center, High Falls Gorge, Lapland Lake Nordic Vacation Center, Adirondack Interpretive Center, and Paul Smith’s College Visitor Interpretive Center.
  21. Jungle Trek in the Big Island: If you haven’t had enough of Hawaii, visit the Big Island. Arguably the largest island in the Hawaiian archipelago in the Central Pacific, the Big Island is majestic, geographically unique, and boasts everything from snow-covered peaks and lush rainforests to black sand beaches and hardened lava deserts. Jungle trek is one of the best things to do on the Big Island. However, you can always partake in other activities like kayaking and snorkeling.
  22. Memorable Boat Trip in Juneau: Alaska is super-thrilling, super-exciting, and super gorgeous. Juneau leaves no stone behind to prove it. If you are a true adventure aficionado, you have got to see America’s “Last Frontier”. Tracy Arm Fjord is the most ideal spot for a memorable boat trip that will fetch the outstanding vistas of swimming seals and crumbling glaciers. If you are an ardent lover of hiking, head to Mendenhall Glacier. This is going to be a pretty exhausting hike.
  23. Cliff-Watching in Big Sur: One of the most dramatic stretches of coastline in the world, Big Sur surprises visitors with its awe-striking cliffs plunging several hundreds of feet down to rocky, craggy coves. Spreading over 90 miles between San Simeon and Monterey Bay, Big Sur continues to entice travelers from various parts of the world for its remote location, incomparable beauty, and peaceful nature. Adding to this – Big Sur is not your typical vacation destination. Since some areas are still deprived of electricity, you need to choose your stay wisely. Search for California vacation rentals by owners to grab some deals.
  24. Pack a Pair of Sturdy Shoes to Sedona: Described regularly as one of the country’s most dazzlingly beautiful places, Sedona certainly lures its visitors with its dramatically colorful landscape. With jagged sandstone and striking red rocks, it is advised to pack a pair of good shoes if hiking is on your activity list.
  25. Kayaking in Boulder: If you have been longing for an ultimate kayak experience, head to Boulder in Colorado. Boulder’s natural waterways set the perfect backdrop for a smile-inducing, fun kayaking practice session. One of the 10 best lazy rivers for tubing and kayaking, Boulder Creek is often thronged during summer months. Kayakers can hone their skills here. Apart from that its thriving arts scene, cozy cafes, bubbling breweries, and trendy shops are the sure appeal.
  26. Snowmobile in Finger Lakes: Why are the Finger Lakes considered the most ideal place for snowmobiling? Reasons – rural terrain, snowy winters, and scintillating scenery! The Finger Lakes comprised of 11 glacial lakes also offer boating, kayaking, fishing, and more. Hiking is also a popular activity to enjoy great views of cascading waterfalls and dramatic rocky gorges.
  27. Go Bear-watching in Big Landscapes in Alaska: Not everyone is going to recommend this, but we do. Alaska is home to the biggest bears in the United States. And this is the reason we persuade you on picking up bear-watching tours. Find the best Alaska vacation rentals with a fireplace and enjoy the vacation in the world’s most celebrated bear-watching spot. If lucky, you may spot a bear snatching salmon from white-water rivers.
  28. Bird-watching in Florida: If planning a subtropical vacation, you will regret missing out on Florida. Known as the Sunshine State, Florida is remarkably fascinating for its Keys. And talking about its varied habitats, the southeastern-most state manages to pull off a wide variety of birds, wetland birds, warblers, waders, and endemic species. Besides, Miami is a great spot to halt for a night or two for its electrifying nightlife. If visiting South Walton, you have complete access to all types of adventures and outdoor activities including camping, kayaking, canoeing, and hiking.
  29. Galapagos Islands – Explore Underwater World (Snorkeling, Diving, Hiking, Boating, and Surfing): Visit Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands if you are looking for an adventure vacation like no other. Embarking on such an expedition will bring you sights of endangered giant tortoises, sleeping sharks, flamingos, sea lions, Galapagos penguins, and marine iguanas.
  30. Visit South Dakota’s Badlands National Park: An expansive state, South Dakota is known for rolling prairies giving way to the majestic Badlands National Park. The grasslands here offer a starkly beautiful landscape with dry canyons and eroded buttes. The park hosts two gigantic campgrounds that host old fossils. If you have time, visit Pipestone National Monument, Crazy Horse Memorial, and Mount Rushmore.

Think yourself a brave-heart and daredevil? We have got some of the best outdoor activities that will surely get you an adrenaline rush. What are you waiting for then? All you need to do is check online for the best places to stay. Since it is a USA vacation, we stress on booking the best USA holiday rentals. You will have numerous options to choose from – villas, apartments, townhouses, chalets, cabins, condos, and vacation homes. These rental properties if booked directly with owners can fetch you some discounts.

Book your stay in advance, purchase suitable travel insurance (considering it is an adventure vacation), pack everything that you would be requiring during the trip, and check all your belongings before leaving.

Hope these awesome places that offer super-exciting activities meet your expectations. If we have missed out on something that you think we should include, let us know in the comment section. We will surely contemplate over it.

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