Best Weekend Trips from DC

Best Weekend Trips from DC – Washington, DC Weekend Getaways

It’s another day and we are heading off to places near to Washington, DC. The best thing about spending vacations in DC is that you will be close to many new places, which make them the best weekend trips from DC. Places like New York City, Ocean City, Old Town Alexandria, Harpers Ferry, and Philadelphia cannot be reached easily from the stunning Washington, DC vacation rentals. What’s striking about embarking upon these weekend getaways that are mostly road trips is to revel in the winding roads bequeathing breathtaking views.

Best Weekend Trips from DC That Both Locals and Visitors Like to Embark Upon

Who wouldn’t want to relax after a five-day work at the office? Today, be it office goers or women at home are completely engrossed in work that they hardly get time to spend time with near and dear ones. And weekend getaways are an ultimate way not just to relax and unwind, but to give time to your loved ones. If you are a resident of DC, you get lucky. You will never have to backpack for a long-distance vacation. Wind through beautiful roads blanketed in trees with colorful leaves. The following weekend escapes from DC will energize you, revitalize you, and rejuvenate you to the fullest.

  • Baltimore: The picturesque Inner Harbor, boutique trendy shops, fine dining, century-old buildings, and a myriad of places ideal for hangouts, you are going to love Baltimore. A less than a 60-minute drive from your fancy DC apartment rental would give you the authentic urban experience of Baltimore. Federal Hill Park is a 10-acre-park promises endless fun things and astounding panoramic views of the waterfront. Some of the hangout points in Baltimore are the Avenue in Hampden, the Brewer’s Art, Artscape, Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine, and Mount Vernon Place.

Where to Stay?

To stay for a day or two, we would recommend choosing Baltimore vacation rentals. These rental properties are available throughout the city – hence, making it convenient for you to get around the Walters Art Museum and the Baltimore Museum of Art.

  • Deep Creek Lake: Your weekend at Deep Creek Lake is going to be super fun. Bursting with lush foliage (in the fall), this place attracts visitors all through the year. Hiking, biking, fishing, kayaking, paddleboarding, boating, and skiing will keep you engaged. Wisp Resort is a great place to enjoy skiing.

Where to Stay?

The best place to stay in Deep Creek Lake is to find a perfect Maryland vacation rental. Unlike hotels, vacation homes in Maryland are affordable and boast upscale amenities.

  • Charlottesville: This beautiful city in Virginia houses the glorious past of the country. Immerse yourself in a scenic trip through Skyline Drive, indulge in a boozy tour on the Monticello Wine Trail, or savor mouthwatering foods at Champion Brewing for a perfect dual restaurant-taproom experience – you are never running short of fun things to do. Jefferson Theater and Spring Pavilion are the popular music venues in the historic downtown.

Where to Stay?

To immerse in its natural surroundings and to explore the quaint pedestrian-friendly downtown, we urge you to look for pet-friendly vacation homes in Charlottesville. To find not just stunning houses but great deals, browse Search Home Rentals today.

  • Pittsburgh: Wandering around Pittsburg for the coolest things to do during weekends? We will tell you what to do when in Pittsburg. Feels like a magical place, the historic city will pamper you with many historic facts at the National Aviary, Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Carnegie Museum of Art, and Frick Art & Historical Center. One of the iconic sights to behold when in the city is the Three Rivers Heritage Trail. It is a 24-mile-long riverfront chain of trails popular with rollerbladers, hikers, and bikers.

Where to Stay?

You will have to drive hours to reach Pittsburg. Once there, you wouldn’t like to return the same day. So, you will need a place that promises comforts and luxuries. This is when Pittsburg vacation rentals come into the picture. Come embedded with state-of-the-art amenities, vacation home rentals in Pennsylvania flaunt ample space, privacy, things for pets, and other facilities.

  • Shenandoah National Park: Dense forests, hundreds of miles of lush trails, and infinite landscape views – Shenandoah National Park makes an ideal outdoor adventure in the United States.

Where to Stay?

Where could you find a better place to stay in Shenandoah National Park than the majestic Virgin vacation rentals? You don’t have to pay a hefty amount to enjoy five-star luxuries and break your bank. SHR offers gorgeous holiday rentals with pools, gyms, and more.

  • Harpers Ferry: A mere one hour and forty-minute drive from the heart of DC, Harpers Ferry could be your next weekend hotspot in the United States. Both a park and a town, Harpers Ferry is operated by the U.S. National Park Service and houses the famed John Brown’s Fort. Refuel at one renowned casual café and rejoice at the Hollywood Casino.

Where to Stay?

When you head to West Virginia, you get tucked in the Blue Mountains. And to revel in luxury and nature, you have the best West Virginia cottage rentals to stay with your partner. Enjoy the breathtaking neighborhood, traverse around the area, get a glimpse of the 19th-century bar at the White Hall Tavern, and take a sneak peek into John Brown’s Fort.

  • Easton: Easton in Maryland is an idyllic getaway enticing residents of DC for its fascinating artworks and great food. Heading to downtown Easton will give you exposure to its rehabbed historic buildings. When in this area, do not forget to check out the 100-year-old Art Deco Avalon Theatre. There are plenty of things for architecture buffs.

Where to Stay?

You are heading toward another Maryland destination dotted with historic buildings, glitzy restaurants, art galleries, and beautiful parks. Maybe you will like to witness the Waterfowl Festival if traveling in November. A few steps away from these attractions are located lavish Easton holiday rentals.

  • Philadelphia: It is believed that Philadelphia was the place where the Founding Fathers met and created a new country. Yes, the city is scattered with historical elements all through.

Where to Stay?

The nearest Philadelphia vacation rentals are strategically located near the iconic steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art intrigue you. The largest city in Pennsylvania is notable for not just its rich history but the charming villa rentals. Explore the city, get into one of the popular museums, learn many things of the past, and return to the abode to lounge in the living room.

  • Lancaster: If you conjure up images of the Amish and farmland, Lancaster in Pennsylvania is the place where you should be going this weekend. If visiting for the first time, make a stopover at Amish Village to deepen knowledge of Amish life. The 300 Block of North Queen Street exudes more urban experience where you would unearth the local boutiques and antique shops in downtown Lancaster.

Where to Stay?

You have stayed at the hotels and ended up paying huge bucks. Why not try Lancaster vacation rentals and experience the difference? Vacation villas in Lancaster enjoy the best location. And the prices you will be paying are much lesser than the extravagant hotels.

  • Rehoboth Beach: Love beaches? Rehoboth is a vibrant beach town in Delaware flaunting laid-back atmosphere. It has a mile-long boardwalk along the Atlantic Ocean ideal for walking, cycling, and running. You may reach early to marvel at the magnificent sunrise over the water at Cape Henlopen State Park.

Where to Stay?

Always loved the beach? If yes, you will just fall in love with Rehoboth Beach condo rentals for their awe-inspiring settings. Come out of your fancy apartment with your partner, children, and pet, bring a ball, and conquer the beach. If you feel a bit energized and want to try your hands at some thrilling water sports, the beach has got many options for you.

If Staying at Washington, DC Apartment Rentals, Where Should You Visit?

Imagine strolling around the iconic White House and the super-imposing domed Capitol Building. You just feel superb and don’t want to return to your native any time soon. That’s Washington, DC for you. Not only are these highlights accessible to the public, but DC has world-class museums and significant monuments to surprise you. Also, you need to imbibe this – the best times to visit DC are spring and autumn. Summer can turn very, very unpleasantly hot and humid. Not diverting from the topic, we will take you straight to the popular places where you would express your desire to roam around, sit down, observe, enjoy, and relax.

3 Outstanding Attractions of DC

  • The White House: The White House, built by James Hoban, is the official house/ residence of President of America (except George Washington).
  • The United States Capitol and Capitol Hill: It is the seat of the House of Representatives and the Senate. Look at the huge dome that stands out above all other buildings in the city.
  • The Lincoln Memorial: Marvel at the majestic 19-foot marble statue of a pensive President Abraham Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial.

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