Epic Surfing Hotspots in the USA

10 Most Epic Surfing Hotspots in the USA to Try Right Now

Looking around in quest of the best-surfing destinations in the world? What about your own America?

If you ever wanted to harness the forces of nature, surfing is the best thing that you can embark upon. Check out the 10 most epic surfing hotspots in the USA where you could just throw yourself down the face of a roaring wave.

Best Surfing Hotspots in the USA to Harness the Force of Nature

Irrespective of experts or novice surfers, these best surfing destinations will bring you plenty of incredible memories to cherish.

  1. Pipeline (Hawaii): Hawaii has earned a special reputation for being one of the best-surfing destinations in the United States of America. Pipeline allures surfers from various parts of the country and abroad who want to conquer its gorgeous turquoise waters, beautiful barrels, and witness stunning reefs.
  2. Huntington Beach (California): Apart from teeming with an array of beachfront bars and cafes, a long pier, beach boardwalk, and innumerable tanned fit bodies, Huntington Beach in California is famous for its great waves. Huntington Beach hosts surfing events in July and August, intriguing surfers from all around the world.
  3. Maverick’s (California): Unless you have got hold of the surfing board pretty well, dare not try Maverick’s deadly riptide. The rarest of things, Maverick’s is beautifully nestled between Angel Falls and Tommy Lee’s manhood. Half Moon Bay is known for its challenging surfing opportunities.
  4. Jaws (Hawaii): If you are looking for the biggest wave in Hawaii, head to Jaws. You will get exposed to the sheer breathtaking and most intense waves. Unless you have honed the surfing skills like a pro, don’t even bother to try it here. Surfers with years of experience might dare to take up the challenge. If you are not worried about being tossed or crushed to the bottom, the waves are all yours.
  5. Waimea Bay (Hawaii): Making the slightest error or even the smallest mistake will prove fatal. You need to understand before picking the surfing board – the currents are strong, and make sure you are not messing with the shore break at any cost.
  6. Cape Cod (Massachusetts): Another notable surfing destination in the USA is Cape Cod in Massachusetts. The beach has seen many coming for a perfect beach day and ultimately ending up carrying their surfboards. Cape Cod has an array of beachfront condo rentals that you may like to try for your next beach adventure.
  7. Cocoa Beach (Florida): The Sunshine State is recognized for its pristine sandy beaches. Almost all beaches in Florida have excellent surfing conditions. Cocoa Beach rose to fame as a global surfing destination – thanks to Kelly Slater. He grew up surfing on the gentle waves and eventually brought surfing into the mainstream.
  8. Narragansett (Rhode Island): Dotted with many river mouths and inlets, Rhode Island could intrigue you as a leading surfing hotspot in the country. Beginners who want to spend more and more time on the beach should head to Narrangansett. Embark on the water in the day and as dusk pervades, you may like to hit the local breweries.
  9. Cape Kiwanda (Oregon): Travelers in the quest for the best beach destination with a perfect idyllic, laid-back ambiance should find Cape Kiwanda just right. The waves are brilliant. Novice surfers may join surfing classes to improve their skills.
  10. Ocean City (Maryland): Summer is the best time to hit the beach and ride the waves. Ocean City is regarded as one of the most sought-after Maryland getaways. While the elderly may like to relax on the beach, you may create decent peaks. July through October seems to be pretty ideal.

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