Travel in the USA after COVID-19

Best Places to Travel in the USA after COVID-19 Pandemic Recedes

The world travel will never be the same (at least, for the next few years) as it used to be a few months ago. People won’t step out of their house to meet friends and plan for weekend getaways or visiting a new place like the way they used to do. This deadly Coronavirus pandemic has certainly disrupted life unimaginably.

COVID-19, as it is known globally, has devastated not just economies but also lives around the world. But, the good news is industries and offices are gradually opening up. While many have resorted to the virtual work system (online), others are leaving no stone unturned taking precaution in case they go outside.

Ever wondered what it would be like to travel once the pandemic recedes? Will people think twice before booking air tickets to their destinations? Will they prefer staying at vacation rentals like they used to do? Will vacation home rental owners entertain the same way as before?

In this ultimate travel guide, we would like to focus on destinations that will get maximum attention from travelers worldwide, precautions to take while traveling, the mindset of vacation rental owners, and more. Let’s dive in and unearth the best places to travel in the USA after the COVID-19 pandemic recedes.

15 Best Places to Travel in the USA after COVID-19

We asked some of the industry-trained travel experts and based on their feedback, we bring you the top 20 places to visit with your friends and family once the global pandemic recedes.

  1. Alaska: As we write this blog, Alaska reported having 1,017 cases with 535 people have already recovered from it. This ensures that Alaska stands at a good stage. What makes it an ideal destination to travel post-COVID-19 is its geographical location. The best places to visit in Alaska after Coronavirus are Wrangell St. Elias National Park, Glacier Bay National Park, Juneau, Anchorage, Ketchikan, Homer, Mendenhall Glacier, and Kenai Fjords National Park.
  2. Hawaii: The next big travel destination that will allure vacationers with its pristine beaches and emerald waters in the country is Hawaii. Unlike any other US destination, Hawaii has controlled the spread of coronavirus with a strong hand. With less than 1,000 cases and 746 people already have recovered, it is surely one of the top-rated places to visit in the United States.
  3. U.S. Virgin Islands: This United States territory is a group of Caribbean islands and islets known for reefs, white-sand beaches, and verdant hills. Since these islands are hardly hit (with only 116 cases with 76 recoveries), you can consider a week’s vacation with family.
  4. Montana: For people who appreciate the beauty of nature and great outdoors, Montana makes a fascinating place. After being confined to the four walls for several months, you would love the idea to hit outdoors. The beautiful state of Montana boasts miles of open country and sprawling national parks taking pride in the spectacular scenery, great wildlife, and more. Some of the great places to visit Great Falls, Missoula, Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park, Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, and Helena.
  5. Vermont: While Montana has 1,249 cases, Vermont stands next to Montana with 1,251 cases. This is a tiny number considering the world cases (1.11 million people have been found positive with COVID-19). If you look for a perfect place with countless activities including hiking and camping, Vermont should be the place. Be it spring or fall or summer or winter, Vermont will not disappoint its visitors who will delight in its scenic beauty at every turn.
  6. Wyoming: Another beautiful place that you would like to travel to and be safe is Wyoming. This doubly landlocked state is the 10th largest by area in the United States. Also the least populous state, Wyoming can be an amazing destination to explore the dramatic natural beauty. It is also proud of its stunning Wild West heritage. The Fossil Butte National Monument is a fantastic attraction to visit. It is a treasure trove of plants, animals, and fossilized fish.
  7. West Virginia: West Virginia is quite sparsely populated, thus intriguing travelers to have a safe vacation. Vacationing here will ensure you have plenty of memories to cherish. The lovely mountain views are some of the most spectacular sights that one would cherish too. This beautiful U.S. state is nicely tucked away between the Ohio River and the Blue Ridge Mountains, making a hidden gem filled with natural wonders.
  8. Maine: The authority has done pretty well to contain the spread of the virus in Maine. Located in the easternmost part of New England, Maine is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on both the south and east and Canada to the north. The rugged coastlines and pristine wilderness are the striking attractions apart from Baxter State Park, Sugarloaf Ski Resort, Rockland, and Old Orchard Beach.
  9. North Dakota: Dominated by the Great Plain, North Dakota is desolate and wild, yet beautiful and scenic. This underpopulated state is often ignored or overlooked by visitors. Since not many people would want to come here, you can make a lifetime vacation, truly unforgettable by experiencing horseback riding through the wilderness.
  10. New Hampshire: Defined by large expanses of wilderness and quaint towns, New Hampshire has all the travel ingredients for people who were stuck at homes for several months. White Mountain National Forest, Lake Winnipesaukee, Manchester, Portsmouth, Mount Washington State Park, Concord, Hanover, and Bretton Woods Mountain Resort comprise the topnotch places to visit in New Hampshire.
  11. South Dakota: Browse Search Home Rentals for the most suitable South Dakota vacation rentals to stay and explore the Black Hills. This region is awe-strikingly replete with lakes, streams, forested hills and mountains, and cascading waterfalls.
  12. Puerto Rico: Come here with your little ones and make them stroll through the historic squares lined with exquisite Spanish colonial architecture. Puerto Rico is better known for its pristine shores and exotic beaches.
  13. Idaho: “Can I visit Idaho once the pandemic is over?” If you ask this, we would say ‘why not’? Idaho has more than 8,000 COVID-19 cases at present. The government is taking all the measures to confine the spread of the virus. By the time it recedes, it would be quite feasible to plan a trip with the family. From sparkling lakes, pristine rivers, and soaring mountains to unforgettable camping experiences, Idaho has got everything to make your vacation an awesome one.
  14. Oregon: Oregon is the 10th largest state in the country. Known for its natural attractions, Oregon takes pride in its thick verdant forests, rugged shorelines, steep river gorges, and towering volcanic mountains. If your family prefers the idea of rambling along a rocky beach, this is just an ideal place. Get on to the Historic Columbia River Highway that would bring you super-stunning views of dozen of waterfalls. Columbia River Gorge, Wallowa Lake, Yachats, Hells Canyon Recreational Area, Mount Hood, and Crater Lake National Park are the most popular places to visit in Oregon.
  15. Delaware: This small U.S. state has no dearth of things to see and do. The towns and cities are full of history. Driving through Lewes will surround you with Cape Henlopen State Park. Ask your family to accompany you to Lewes Beach for great fun in the water. A hotspot for arts and culture, Wilmington is another wonderful place to visit in Delaware. The Andre Harvey Studio and the Delaware Art Museum are the two most important attractions. Stay at Delaware vacation villa rentals to reach out to the Delaware Children’s Museum.

While these places will surely attract more travelers, there is no denying that one has to take all the safety measures into account to stay safe during travel.

Precaution to Take/ Rules to Follow While Traveling Post Coronavirus

Although health experts’ advice not to travel soon after the virus has become weak, travel professionals don’t mind recommending visiting places that have fewer or no cases. Since you desperately wish to get out of the house to breathe in the fresh air and to take in gorgeous attractions, adhering to travel rules is simply mandatory.

Below, check out the most-recommended travel tips by the World Health Organization (WHO) to keep yourself and your family safe while traveling.

  • Keep Distance: Yes, you still have to adhere to the COVID guidelines and keep a distance from others. If you see someone sneezing or coughing or showing flu signs, stay 4-6 feet away from the person. This rule must be followed at the airport, eating points, and busy areas.
  • Avoid Touching Face: Stick to the guidelines and avoid touching your face (particularly, in the public areas) if you haven’t washed or sanitized your hands. Maintain distance from people who have a cold.
  • Wash Hands Regularly: It is highly recommended to sanitize your hands every time you touch something when you are outside the vacation home. Make it a habit to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. Doing this will minimize the chances of spreading flu, thus keeping you safe. Now that you have soap or hand-wash with you, you can take public transport as well. Ensure that you properly sanitize your hands and wrists.
  • Put on a Mask: Apart from washing or sanitizing your hands, you must wear a mask. This would protect you from people who sneeze or cough or someone who walks past you dropping a few water droplets from nose or mouth. Wearing a mask is mandatory in public areas, malls, gardens, market squares, etc.
  • Research about the Place: Even after taking all the precautions, you might seem a bit worried if the travel destination has been affected very badly. So, you need to research a particular town or city and get all the information beforehand. During the travel, if you develop any symptoms, rush to a hospital to seek medical help immediately.
  • Don’t Bring Elders: You might want to go on a family trip that also includes the elders in your family. But looking at the scenario, it is best advised to let them stay at home. As you are aware, elders are vulnerable people. They are more likely to be affected than others. If the elders have underlying medical conditions, asking them to accompany you can prove fatal.

Is It Safe to Go Camping?

Camping may put you to come in close contact with others as you are likely to share public facilities at campsites. In the initial days, you may discard the idea until you are a hundred percent sure about the complete elimination of the virus in the area. Check with the local authority to know more details.

Follow local and state travel restrictions if imposed by the officials. You can check the state health department for travel guidance and other up-to-date information.


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