Best Beaches in Cuba

Top 10 Best Beaches in Cuba Where You Should Be Relaxing

The country is home to some of the best beaches in the entire Caribbean. Read on to know where you should be packing your bags – the top 10 best beaches in Cuba.

Best Beaches in Cuba -

  1. Varadero Beach: The best way to spend a day on Varadero Beach is to stay on the beach. Varadero Beach vacation rentals are suitable for pets too. Come out of your comfort zone and play with your little ones on the sugary-white sand beach. The azure blue waters complement the white sand beach. With time, the beach has developed rose to prominence and is currently one of the most important beaches in Cuba.
  2. Playa Paraiso: Playa Paraiso, also known as the Paradise Beach, is an untouched beach recognized for its sparkling turquoise water and immaculate white sandy coastline. In 2016, it was voted the 3rd most gorgeous beach in the world by Traveller’s Choice. It boasts the calmest waters on the entire island of Cuba.
  3. Playa Ancon: Playa Ancon is arguably Southern Cuba’s best beach. It is also the longest and largest beach in the region flaunting golden sand and glittering turquoise waters.
  4. Playa Los Flamencos: If you love snorkeling and are wondering where to do it, head off to Playa Los Flamencos. Located in central Cuba, it is known for stunning vacation rentals. Choose the right one for your family and create inerasable memories.
  5. Cayo Santa Maria: Those visiting Cayo Santa Maria should be assured of getting exposure to some of the most untouched, unexplored beaches of northern cays. Mostly secluded, the beaches are super-stunning and only require a bit of a trek. Playa Perla Blanca is one fascinating beach open for everyone.
  6. Cayo Las Brujas: Though tiny in size, Cayo Las Brujas ensures you never sit idle. The island is blessed with stunning beaches that boast crystal clear water and fine white sand. If you love fishing, it has some excellent locations.
  7. Cayo Largo: The ‘Long Cay’ or ‘Cayo Largo del Sur’ or ‘Cayo Largo’ is your Robinson Crusoe Island. The paradise-like beach is pretty deserted and natural. The friendly atmosphere of Cayo Largo is also gay-friendly, clothing-optional (only a section), and naturist-friendly.
  8. Cayo Sabinal: Unlike other Cuban beaches, Cayo Sabinal is considered to be a class. About 25 kilometers west from Santa Lucia, Cayo Sabinal is a deserted white sand beach cay exuding serene vibes.
  9. Playa Pilar: Who would deny a day on a sleepy beach with laid-back vibes? Even if you think so, Playa Pilar won’t let you do that. Playa Pilar is fascinating. Also known as Cayo Guillermo, Playa Pilar is known amongst nature lovers. Lounge on the beach after a refreshing bath and indulge in diving and fishing before calling it a day.
  10. Playa Guardalavaca: If you are not sure where to start your beach tour in Cuba, maybe you can go ahead with Playa Guardalavaca. It is the same beach that once Columbus described as the most beautiful beach. Rolling hills, green fields, and sparkling white sand – he seems to all correct.



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