USA Vacation Guide

USA Vacation Guide: Everything You Want to Know Before Planning a Trip

It would come as in a surprise if somebody who has not heard of the United States of America. As the biggest economy and one of the superpowers on earth, the USA is home to some of the global icons including the Statue of Liberty, Disney, Hollywood Sign, Golden Gate, the Empire State, and the Everglades.

There’s plenty to explore. First-timers would love to know everything about this great country. Here’s a perfect USA vacation guide that talks about the stunningly diverse landscapes, awesome attractions, weather, and best time to visit.

USA Vacation Guide – The Ultimate Travel Planner

The varied and diverse landscape of the United States would bring you the spectacular Cascades, the mighty Rockies, the rolling plains of Kansas and Texas, the sleepy hamlets of New England, the gigantic redwoods of California, the tropical beaches of Florida, and the mythic deserts of the Southwest – you name it, you get it in America.

This region of North America is replete with surprises. From basking in the sun on the South Beach to soaking up the breathtaking vistas in Crater Lake and from cruising on the Great Lakes to hiking the Black Hills, you will be spoiled for choices.

Where to Go in America?

It can get a little confusing when you have so much to see and so much to explore. Almost all the 50 majestic states have something to offer. Each state has its treasure-troves and hidden gems that would bring the explorer in you. To cover up all the remarkable destinations in the first tour is almost impossible - considering its vastness.

Keeping in mind its popularity, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to start your USA journey right in the heart of New York City. This is a massive place known for a colorful history, great cultural fusion, financial hub, and much more. Popularly known as NYC, the city ensures vacationers have enough time to explore its length and breadth. It will take a few weeks to know the city well.

Nearby places that tickle your brain for a visit are New Jersey, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Pittsburg. The gorgeous scenery and unexpected charm are hard to beat. The wilderness of the Adirondack Mountains will keep asking you for more. At the same time, it would be a flaw not to immerse in the aesthetic beauty of Niagara Falls.

Boston is a great city known for its rich history. The centuries-old hamlets in New Hampshire and Vermont, the rugged mountains of Maine, and the awe-striking bayside of Massachusetts can’t be ignored.

Vacationing in the USA in winter is going to be an awesome experience. Envisage your dreamy days in Alaska, the winter wonderland flourished with icy spires and great mountains. Alaska shows off an outstanding outdoor scene. It is blissful. Then there is Hawaii. It is a beach paradise – comprised of several hundred islands with volcanoes and remote jungle settings.

The USA – A Paradise for Outdoor Lovers

From kayaking through the protected areas in the Everglades to hiking the Canyons, there is no dearth of the best outdoor activities in the USA. The United States of America is magnificently capped by great mountains, coated by dense forests, surrounded by oceans, and cut by deep canyons. Apart from a myriad of adventurous activities, the country brings you year-round outdoor festivals. No matter what month or week of the year you are vacationing in the USA, there is something you will fall in love with.

Best Time to Visit the USA

The United States experiences varied seasons throughout the year, which make it a year-round vacation destination. Spring and fall seasons are the best time to visit (to be specific). Spring lasts from March through May and is considered to be an ideal time for a US trip.

Summer lasts from May to September. This is the peak time. Those looking to soak up the sun on the sandy beaches would find the hot and humid temperature of summer ideal.

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