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Get over Mayan Ruins, Visit Guatemala’s Best Beaches

If you have to see Mayan ruins, visit Guatemala. The width and breadth of the Central American country are peppered with many ancient Mayan ruins. It is also a great place to take in beautiful natural landscapes and colonial influences. But if you are a beach lover, Guatemala won’t disappoint you. We cover the most exciting places in Guatemala to relax and unwind. Check out Guatemala’s best beaches below –

7 Best Beaches in Guatemala

The beautiful country of Guatemala has three types of beaches. They are lakeside beaches, white sand beaches, and black sand beaches.

Monterrico Beach (Playa Monterrico): Playa Monterrico is known for its high waves. Next time you are on the beach and decide to swim, just be careful. To reach Monterrico Beach from Guatemala City or Antigua, use public transport (bus). Day-trips to Monterrico from Antigua are quite famous for travelers. The Biotopo Monterrico-Hawaii National Park is one of the important attractions in Guatemala.

El Paredon Beach (Playa El Paredon): El Paredon Beach is a well-kept secret in Guatemala (located southwest of Antigua). Mostly thronged by surfers, the beach is still a big hit with families that just want to spend some time together on the beach. Your family can reach El Paredon in three hours from Guatemala City vacation rentals.

Champerico: Mostly adorned by locals from the nearby areas, Champerico is gaining more popularity these days for boasting dark sand. The best part of Champerico is that it is quiet and pretty unspoiled. Only a two-hour drive southwest of Quetzaltenango, Champerico will lure you into tranquility.

Iztapa: Another black sand beach in Guatemala is Iztapa. Originally a port town, Iztapa intrigues beach lovers with water-related activities such as deep-sea fishing, surfing, and more. Whale watching is a favorite pastime for locals. If you are not doing any of these, maybe you should lounge the day away on the beach.

Blanca Beach (Playa Blanca): Playa Blanca flaunts white sand beach. Outside of Livingston, Playa Blanca can be accessed by boat. Those looking to escape the maddening crowd would find solace on the Blanca Beach. Fringed with palm trees, you will like to grab a seat under shady trees. Hammocks are available too.

Punta de Manabique: This part of Guatemala isn’t very much thronged by visitors. If you manage to come here, the serenity and solitude of the area will give you a warm welcome. The untouched beauty and stunning natural splendor will take your breath away. Moreover, this is a great spot to watch wildlife. If you are a diver, explore the reef with a diverse ecosystem.

Playa Dorada: Visit Playa Dorada if you want colored sand and striking views. To take in the stunning sight and to have a whale of a time with family, book one of the most suitable vacation homes in Guatemala.



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