Top-notch Activities and Attractions

USA Top Activities & Attractions

From cliff-lined California beaches to jagged mountains of Colorado, the secluded islands of the Florida Keys and roaring rivers of New Hampshire, the United States, commonly known as America, has something for every kind of aficionado. Drive the incredible Pacific Coast Highway, marvel at the breathtaking Yosemite National Park, and sample the finest drinks in Napa Valley in California, sleep in nature’s lap in Mount Hood National Forest in Oregon, climb the Empire State Building in New York City, follow the Freedom Trail in Boston in Massachusetts, and party in Atlantic City in New Jersey.

Canada Top Activities & Attractions

Canada is a massive country spreading from the Pacific to the Atlantic and further into the Arctic. Immerse yourself in the inspiring landscape to have an unparalleled experience. The country is magnificently blessed with rich culture, fascinating wildlife viewing, paddling destinations, and awe-striking landscapes. Go island-hopping on the Saint Lawrence River, ride the rails to a remote canyon, paddle into the Wilds of Wabakimi, and discover the underwater wonderland at Fathom Five National Marine Park.

Central American Outdoor Experiences

Snorkel or scuba dive on the Belize Barrier Reef, climb an active volcano in Guatemala, enjoy a horseback ride through the Cayo district, go hiking and swimming in Parque Nacional El Impossible in El Salvador, kayak around Isla Juan Venado in Nicaragua, and go bird-watching in Honduras.

Mexico Outdoor Experiences

Spectacular natural beauty, diverse habitats, striking scenery, and emerald blue waters – Mexico has no dearth of fascinating outdoor travel experiences for all types of vacationers. Take in the bird’s eye view of the staggering pyramids at Teotihuacan, dive into an underwater world off Isla Mujeres, spend days at the home of the Northern Lacandon, tour Copper Canyon by train, and swim with sea animals on a day trip out of Cancun.

Caribbean Outdoor Experience

If thinking of spending a day lazing away on a tropical island, nothing strikes the mind than the super-intriguing Caribbean island beaches. How would rate it – swaying on a beach hammock relishing not just your favorite drink but the splendid soft white sand and gentle waves? When you want to hit a high on an adrenaline rush, you have endless choices.