Terms & Conditions

With the help of a technical interface provided by SearchHomeRentals or SHR, vacation rental owners or homeowners or property owners can directly list their properties or seek the help of the experts at searchhomerentals.com to place offers of long stay and short stay accommodations in a database, which can further be linked with their respective booking websites. And those who seek (users, travelers, or vacationers) accommodations are authorized to access the database of www.searchhomerentals.com to confirm booking only after agreeing to the terms and conditions. These T&C – Terms and Conditions – regulate the use of the vast database of SHR via the Company’s website (mentioned above) via smartphone, tablets, laptops, or PCs or any application developed by Search Home Rentals. At the same time, users must abide by and agree to the T&C imposed by SHR. The Vacation Rental Company reserves the right to reject a request or application of any alternative terms and conditions imposed by Users.

Read and agree with the ‘Terms and Conditions’ of Search Home Rentals before proceeding ahead and use the website. It is hereby maintained that the user (YOU) must be, at least 18 years old to use the service of SHR. The “Terms of Use” section together with the “Privacy Policy” governs the relationship arising from your use of the website and taking part in various services.

Both the sections - T&C and Privacy Policy – are applicable to the users of the Website, including –

  • Travelers: Those who are looking for the best travel hotspot.

  • Site Visitors: These are casual visitors who occasionally stumble upon and spend some time on the Website.

  • Users: Such people come, spend time seeking the best service, sign-up for the same, and contact the SHR experts. Further, these users are of two types – Property Owners/ Managers and Renters.

  • Owners or Managers are the people who either own or manage their rentals and wish to list their properties in a particular area.

  • Renters are the vacationers who seek an ideal stay in a particular destination for the next vacation.

From hereafter when we term or refer to as “Search Home Rentals”, “SHR”, “We”, “Us”, “Our”, “Team”, “Company”, “Website”, “Organization”, or “It”, it will only mean the official company of SearchHomeRentals.com. Other terms like “Providers”, “Patrons”, “Members”, and “Owners” are referred to the Property Managers or Homeowners. “Registered Users”, “Users”, “You”, “Your”, etc. – such terms will refer to Travelers or Vacationers.

SearchHomeRentals Services for Users

We, at Search Home Rentals, offer a targeted search function to the Users to identify the best or the most suitable accommodation or the Providers’ offers in the database. Hence, SHR is not the service provider but a platform that connects world-class travelers with property owners.

The database of Search Home Rentals is available at free of charge. Nonetheless, the users have no right to misuse, damage, mishandle, or the enforcement of the contract.

When a search is made on the website, it is likely to bring a number of results. However, the results are limited to a specific amount to ensure search functionality.

The offers posted by Homeowners on the Website may be subject to a commission in the event of a successful booking contract between the two parties – providers and users. The contract is formed with a mutual agreement between the parties and should be consistent with/ by the law.

We Are Not Accountable for Subsequent Booking Contracts or any Offers or Inaccurate Information

Search Home Rentals, time and again, has maintained that all the services, suitable offers, etc. are provided by the owners or property managers. SHR’s Website is a place that only facilitates your experience by offering the best technical service and enabling your searches for the ideal offers. The Company will not publish anything on its Website; hence, it is not liable for any products, services, or offers. It is the Provider that is solely accountable or responsible for any offers published on the Website or third-party sites associated with SearchHomeRentals. The Vacation Rental Company does not guarantee the accuracy of the information of the properties listed on the website. SHR is not accountable for or does not have control over the content available in any listing. Booking of vacation rental properties will exclusively be governed by the Terms & Conditions of SearchHomeRentals, particularly with regard to withdrawal and cancellation.


We are not liable for the quality, credibility, reliability, completeness, and accuracy of the listing or offers provided by the owners. Search Home Rentals does not recommend any provider or provide further information regarding the choice of property. SHR is also not answerable for any technical disruption or glitch where the cause remains outside of SearchHomeRentals’ field of responsibility. Further, the Company doesn’t guarantee undisturbed or uninterrupted access to data.

User Accounts

A so-called user account is required to access or enjoy the services or functionalities of Search Home Rentals, its application, or services. A user must set up his/ her account with the personal email address or profile of a social media network, such as Google, Facebook, etc. Register on the Website via email and confirm your email ID in the process. Users can customize their settings as per their choices and also agree that all the information and details provided are correct, complete, and accurate. SearchHomeRentals.com gives the feature of linking your SHR account with the third party accounts using one of the following ways –

  • By specifying your third party details or login information through the website or application.

  • By allowing the Website to access your third party account permissible under the applicable terms and conditions.

If set up an account using a personal profile from a third party service, you are encouraged to grant us permission to use or access your information from that service. Moreover, changes to User information can be made in the User Profile. The User account can further be accessed from any device as the user is provided with personal log-in details via email. Search Home Rentals also reserves the right to block, delete, or take actions or measures against the user account if the particular user violates the terms and conditions or applicable laws.

Listings of Accommodation

To list properties on the Website, homeowners have to register themselves on searchhomerentals.com. Once you have created your profile or registered successfully, you will be able to create a listing on your own. The Registered Members will have to answer a few questions related to the unit to be listed including – prices, features, location, capacity, and other rules and regulations. All the properties or listing must have the physical address. You must understand that the ranking of listing or the search result of properties is largely dependent on several factors such as vacationers’ preferences, locations, and ease of booking. Once the booking is confirmed by the visitor, the homeowner will not be able to raise the prices or breach any agreement that he or she has entered with earlier. For users with deactivated accounts, they will not be able to upload the photos, content, or anything. The verified images on the Website can be used for further marketing, advertising, and commercial purpose without any prior notification.

The expert team at Search Home Rentals encourages the accommodation service provider to opt for insurance for their rental properties. In case of damages made to the house, they will be able to reap the insurance money. In case of any damage made by the vacationers, the damage claim for a confirmed booking of property must also be mentioned so that it can be paid at the time of booking.

No Endorsement

Search Home Rentals does not endorse any listing, accommodation, property, verified images, text content, or any member. With the help of the highly-trained professionals and state-of-the-art tools, we ensure that there is no fraudulent activity carried out on the Website.


SearchHomeRentals.com, including all materials, content, information, functions, and software available on the Website is offered “as is”. The Vacation Rental Agency makes no warranties or guarantees that any content or material published on the Website is error-free or the defects will be modified instantly or the server that hosts all these details are free from dangerous components, viruses, or any kind of contamination.

Users must acknowledge and agree that any kind of transaction or transmission is confidential and any communication made on the Website can be accessed by others. To facilitate user experience of the website, we recommend you read through our Privacy Policy page and understand how your personal and non-personal identifying information is safeguarded.