We, at Search Home Rentals, absolutely understand your concern about the whereabouts of your private information while planning the next adventure with family and friends or questing for travel inspiration or willing to list your vacation rental properties with That’s why we have created this notice and maintain our “Privacy Policy” that provides information about how we collect user’s information, understand visitor’s needs, protect personal data of users, security, and uses of cookies.

For users willing to use our service, they are advised to read our “Privacy Policy” section and understand how we operate. Our policy is transparent so that users can have a thorough look and understanding of the entire process. Our team of professionals also ensures that no personal data or information is manhandled.

Who We Are

Search Home Rentals is a leading vacation rental marketplace and travel media company that connects travelers with homeowners and property managers. Currently, we cover the USA, Canada, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean marketplace.

How We Address Our Users

While browsing or using the service of, you will come across certain terms. Hence, familiarizing yourself with these common terms is inevitable. Terms like Our, Us, We, Search Home Rentals, SHR, It, and Website refer to the official organization of Search Home Rentals. Terms like ‘Travelers’, ‘Vacationers’, ‘Guests’, ‘Patrons’, ‘Those’, ‘User’, ‘You’, and ‘Your’ refer to the user of the website.

What We Take from Users

We seek personally-identifying information and non-personally-identifying information (language preference, date and time, browser type, etc.) that users share with SHR while using the website only to give them better service and experience.

How SHR Collects Information

We are solely dependent on the information our patrons share on the official website of SHR. During the process, you as a patron either interact with our experts to obtain travel information about a particular destination or want to do transactions for a particular service. To complete the process, you will have to sign up for any specific service by SHR by providing information such as mobile number, billing address, email ID, etc. Our team often seeks additional information to complete transactions.

It is the discretion of our patrons whether to provide any additional information or personally-identifying information to avail themselves of our website-related services or activities. We never compel our users for anything.

Why Should Users Access Their Personal Data

Users of Search Home Rentals have the right to edit or delete their personal information shared with us. They must understand SHR will not accept or decline requests which have potential chances of jeopardizing the privacy or pose a threat to others.

When We Reveal Your Personal Information and to Whom

Based on the existing law of a nation, we may have to reveal certain information of our users if it is a compulsion and we have no other choice than to comply with a judicial proceeding or court order served upon SHR. We also reserve the right to disclose personally-identifying data to particular contractors and affiliated organizations to complete the transaction process SearchHomeRentals’ behalf. However, these affiliated companies and businesses agree not to reveal or misuse the users’ information.


We use cookies to keep track of all the activities taking place on the website. We have appointed a team of dedicated professionals to not just track the activities but to understand the requirements of our users.

Company Notification

As a global leader for the vacation rental industry, we encourage our guests or users to subscribe to our newsletters and blogs where. Users can access these services and get notifications by subscribing to our Website. At any point they can unsubscribe or deactivate the services if unwilling to accept it anymore.


Search Home Rentals takes pride in its tech-savvy personnel who leave no stone unturned to protect your privacy. The professionals, at no cost, will disclose our users’ data to any third party organizations. Since the Internet is not hundred per cent safe and secure, you will instantly be intimated about the security breach (if there is any), thus prompting you to take quick steps to secure your data.

Merger and Sale

This is to hereby notify our users and patrons that whatever information/ data Search Home Rentals receives whether to complete a transaction or to send newsletters becomes an asset of the Company. If SHR involves in talks (in future) regarding merger or sale to another business, the data of our users will automatically be transferred or sold to that company or business without recourse.

Changes in Policy

We hereby declare that this particular section – Privacy Policy of Search Home Rentals – will see changes from time to time. However, it remains the sole discretion of Search Home Rentals. You are suggested to keep visiting the page regularly.