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From gorging on fresh seafood one of the Caribbean islands to taking in the northern deserts and snowy peaks of the central Sierra in Mexico, renting a lavish house will serve the purpose in style.


Vacationing in the U.S.A? You have fifty states to select and more than one thousand villas to choose from suiting your budget and requirements.


Wish to explore Central Canada and particularly want to relish the breathtaking views of Niagara Falls? Book Canada condo rentals, simple!


Staying in sumptuous apartment rentals in Central America will bestow you opportunities to see the land that connects South America with North America.


As more than 20 million tourists make their way to Mexico, we ensure their safety and privacy. Our wide assortment of Mexico City townhouses can be found across the country.


Upon selecting North America studio rentals, you create your own West Side story with a perfect suburban, yet tropical vibe.

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Best North America and Caribbean Vacation Rentals to Select from

N.Y.C.’s the Big Apple of American Culture, the modern marvels and ancient architectures of Mexico City, Toronto’s dynamic Canadian metropolis, and the breathtaking beach scenes of the Bahamas – each city in the Caribbean and North America flaunts its unique gems that ultimately persuade you to book an ideal vacation rental. Find your cultural cup of tea in tranquility (nature in specific), Search Home Rentals entices you to drink in the awe-striking natural scenery of the stunning Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, Banff, and Yosemite.

Book New England Vacation Rentals to See Fall Colors:

Fall colors in America can woo even the most discerning travelers. To get dazzled and sparkled by the fall colors, we urge you to book our super-stunning New England vacation rentals. Explore the deciduous forests from a log cabin in New Hampshire or Maryland, you would get unrivaled experience.

Live Your Hollywood Dream in California:

Shop till you drop in Rodeo, bump into stars in Los Angeles, or drive over the Golden Gate Bridge, the Haight, and Alcatraz – the fun sees no bound when you stay at California vacation rentals. The magnificent terrain comprises the Sierra Nevada Mountains, cliff-lined beaches, the Mojave Desert, redwood forest, and Central Valley farmland.

Pedal around Costa Rica’s Natural Habitats:

Why would you go banging your head around to rent a bicycle when you can easily get it upon booking our Costa Rica vacation rentals by owners and pedal around the geological wonders and natural habitats taking in the spectacular views? Once an active volcano in the country, Arenal’s tourism has flourished tremendously over the years and is a safe place to visit and create memories.

Climb off the Majestic Rocky Mountains in Canada:

Snow-clad peaks, turquoise lake waters, striking narrow gorges, deciduous forests, and total serenity, the Rocky Mountains are a wonderland to discover from Canada cottage rentals. Banff National Park is a winter haven that lies in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Partake in extreme winter sports during the daytime and return in the evening to sit by the fireplace and rejuvenate.

Immerse in Luxury at Beachfront Villa Rentals in the Caribbean:

Heading to the Caribbean, but apprehensive about not finding a beach? It’s really, really rare! The Caribbean archipelago is comprised of some of the most intriguing islands including the Bahamas, Antigua and Barbuda, St. John, the US Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, and the likes. The best way to enjoy a family vacation with kids and pets is to book a luxury oceanfront villa rental with all five-star comforts.

What Are the Owner’s Benefits?

Putting some thoughts on buying or investing in vacation rental homes for short-term use? You are right on the verge of making a lot of money from your second home. The vacation rental industry has flourished like never before. It is one avenue gaining a lot of popularity amongst travelers from around the world. Here are some essential benefits that homeowners can take advantage of.

Generate a Steady Income:

The latest survey conducted by a renowned travel company reveals more than 55% of travelers in America prefer staying at a spacious vacation rental with homelike facilities than a hotel. If you own one such property in a top tourist destination, which you occasionally use, there is a fair chance of earning a decent amount.

Earn Tax Deduction:

Owning a vacation rental property helps you cut short your tax and save big bucks. Just remember you need to hire an accountant who can give you enough details about property tax, insurance premium, rental income, mortgage payment, and other utilities.

Low Invest, More Income, and Less Risk:

These could drive homeowners to invest in rental properties. When you put money in vacation rentals, the chances of higher-income increase up to a significant extent. This, however, largely depends on the location of the property. A popular tourist destination is likely to draw more vacationers than a rental located in an off-beat hotspot.

Hire Property Managers to Lessen the Burden:

Yes, rental properties are easy to manage. How? Well, you don’t have to travel to Jamaica from New York City to take care of the property. All you can do is to hire a property manager over there. Property managers not just alleviate the burden of the owners but take care of the property.

Look for Vacation Rental Company for Traffic:

How would a traveler from Spain rent your Florida vacation rental unless he knows it really exists? This is where Search Home Rentals comes into the picture. SHR with its state-of-the-art tools and highly-trained professionals drives millions of visitors to send inquiries to the concerned property owners.