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Discover Florida’s rich flora and fauna, take in the underwater spectacle, get close up with wild animals, and traverse around the abandoned historic sites – Do you still need Florida vacation ideas? This south-easternmost state of the United States is home to three super-stunning national parks open all year-around, thus bestowing you everything you need to make your vacation a cherished one.

Three Major Florida National Parks to Engage You in Life-changing Activities -

Everglades National Park:

The Everglades is an instant hit with adventure aficionados for its countless adventure, relaxing, and fun activities. The 1.5-million-acre park was built in 1947 that houses manatees, alligators, Florida Panthers, and more than 300 bird species.

Dry Tortugas National Park:

Apart from the striking isolated and abandoned Fort Jefferson, Dry Tortugas is recognized for its wonderful underwater life. It’s dazzling and swashbuckling. Here, you will see families relaxing/ picnicking under shady trees and daring souls venturing into the water for snorkeling and scuba diving. Thinking what you should do? Maybe you should try your hands at swimming. If you are looking for more relaxing yet rejuvenating, sunbathing is an outstanding option.

Biscayne National Park:

The only similarity you will come across at Biscayne National Park (keeping Dry Tortugas in mind) is the striking marine life. From your Miami vacation rentals, it takes less than an hour to reach the national park and be part of the endless fun.