Weekend Gateways in Florida

Romantic and Fun Getaways in Kansas

Getaways in Kansas | Romantic and Family Fun Getaways in Kansas

The Sunflower State has plenty of wonderful things to explore. Check out some of the most sought-after fun getaways in Kansas for families and couples here.

Caribbean’s best romantic getaways

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Best Long Weekend Trips in Canada

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Check these best long weekend trips in Canada to witness the rich blend of nature and culture, aesthetic architectural wonders, and world-famous national parks.

Romantic Weekend Getaways from Chicago

Romantic Weekend Getaways from Chicago for People in Love

Who says parents can’t go on romantic vacations since they have kids and responsibilities? To me, this is a myth. Don’t believe me? Okay, you need to read the blog.

Best Weekend Trips from DC

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The best thing about spending vacations in DC is that you will be close to many new places, which make them the best weekend trips from DC. Check the best getaways!

Weekend Getaways from NYC

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The best romantic weekend getaways from NYC intrigue you for a hand-in-hand stroll, a night out for a romantic dinner, and cuddle up in the comfy vacation rental.


A destination like Florida can never run out of weekend holiday options. The south-easternmost American state takes pride in its big cities, pristine beaches, secluded getaways, sandy shores, and delicious gourmet. Hit the most crowded beaches in Miami for a big city experience, aim at escaping the maddening hustle and slip into a sleepy old fishing hamlet, or maybe a quaint seaside spa getaway will do the job – in fact, the weekend getaways in Florida are as varied as they get.

Weekend Getaways with Nightlife

So, you desperately need a bustling beach destination with electrifying nightlife complimented by beachy bliss, nightclubs, cafes, bars, and restaurants? This beautiful global tourist destination has no dearth of such weekend getaways. Places like Clearwater Beach, South Beach, Miami Beach, and the Florida Keys will surely pique your interests.