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Cuba Cruises

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Nude Beaches in the World

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There could hardly be anyone who’d say “I’m not into the beaches”. Agree? And if it is about Florida beaches, how can anyone say NO? Plenty of sunshine, soft clean sands, crystal clear waters, fringed with palm trees, and lined with cafes and restaurants – Florida’s 825 miles of beaches will definitely serve and suit every taste.

Pristine Beaches, Secluded Coves & Bays, and Quiet Neighborhood

From party-focused beaches to quieter and family-friendly, Florida’s beaches are diverse and draw visitors from all around the world. They are also open all year-around that give additional advantages to visitors to make sand castles, play beach volleyball, go snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, sunbathing, banana boat riding, and jet skiing.

Almost all the beaches have got something unique to offer. Head to Clearwater Beach for the best sunsets, drive to Miami to party all night, settle down on Sanibel Island for shelling, and go celebrity spotting in South Beach. Well, what’s your favorite beach destination in Florida?